10 Horrifying Dark Web Facts

Plenty of horrifying stories and myths circulate the internet about the Dark Web, but are they really true? From generally harmless social forums to disturbing criminal activity, the Dark Web has pretty much everything, and it’s all happening right under our noses. It’s difficult to separate fact from fiction, especially when dealing with the seedy underbelly of the internet. However, there’s plenty of things that we do know for sure. For instance, the Deep Web itself is not illegal but some activity on it can be. We’re here to set the record straight, clear a few things up, but also reaffirm the fact that the Dark Web can be a terrifying place. Here are 10 Horrifying Dark Web Facts That Are Actually True


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1.The Dark Web is part of the Deep Web. In simple terms, Deep Web is the part of the internet that isn't cataloged by search engines. The Dark Web specifically is where most of the illegal and disturbing stuff takes place.

2.It should be no surprise that a place called the Dark Web would be full of scams. In one case, however, people kept falling for an elaborate scam to hire hitmen. Called Besa Mafia, the website claimed to offer hitmen services but just wanted large sums of money.

3.While the size of the Surface Web is substantial, it pales in comparison to the size of the Deep Web and Dark Web. Some estimate the Deep Web is about 400 to 500 times larger.

4.Normal currency can't be used on the Dark Web. Users regularly depend on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make market transactions. These are especially popular because they're virtually untraceable.

5.While it may have all kinds of unsavory, illegal, and downright nasty stuff, it also has a big book fan club. One of the founders of the Silk Road, a black market for drugs, also started a book bazaar on it. Though the books they read are mostly conspiracy theory books and banned book

6.Stolen credit cards are often sold on the Dark Web. Other pirates will use stolen credit cards to buy gift cards and then sell them for less than their worth.

7.According to the Israeli intelligence firm Sixgill, criminals were discovered selling fake degrees, certifications, and passports. People also hired out hackers to break into university systems and change grades.

8.Sadly, one of the darkest parts of the Dark Web is human trafficking. Disturbing pictures of people are taken, and these people are sold as property to the highest bidder. Authorities note that the Dark Web is only a small portion of the trafficking that takes place in the world.

9.While not surprising but still alarming, international arms trade has a presence on the Dark Web. The Untied States is the most common source country with 60% of the arms originating from there. Supposedly, you can find everything from an AK-47 to a rocket launcher if you look hard enough.

10.On the Dark Web, you'll be even more susceptible to malware attacks with plenty of links hiding secret malware that'll download to your computer. All it takes is one wrong click to make it happen.

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