About Us

cyberera is the online education organization.

cyberera is founded by our C E O Mr.vivek kr.Yadav on 1-march-2017. The aim

of cyberera  is tho help those people who want to learn about cyber technology

(Hacking , Game Programming , Software cracking , Web designing , and lots of thing related

to information technology and computers Science)

You can learn here every thing about computer and Information Technology ..

Services by cyberera

You can learn about computer hacking from basics to advance levels . we have posted lots of
basics article on hacking you can also buy paid Course of hacking divided into several category

like Ethical hacking , Software Cracking , Virus Development and lots of stuff related to hacking.

all article and hacking Course on cyberera is follow kali linux.

2. Learn 3d Graphic designing and Professional Motion graphics , Animation Movies Making

and lots of thing related Graphic Designing . Learn Complete Basics to advance of Visual graphics and make own

Animation movies like Jungle book , Life of pie etc.

3.If you want make own android app for android mobile then cyberera  is good place of you here you can

learn a to z of android app development from both method programming and visually.. you can also a complete kit

of android app development from cyberera  store which include all required software , templates and video DvDs.

4. If you want to make own android os (custom rom) like cybogenmod then you can learn here how to

make own Custom rom from basic to advance of android rom development .

5. YOU can also learn in cyberera  how to make own super Profession website to grow your business online

you can also learn in cyberera  how to improve your website SEO and make money huge money with you website or blog

you can also learn here how to make own online store for free like snapdael , flipkart and amazon or better.

if you want to make own socail networking like facebook , twiiter and make own auto liker .

or if you want make own search Engine like google or yahoo .. with Zero knowledge of Coding or programming..

then you should buy a Web Development Course from your Website…. with very attractive price

6. If you want to download any paid software for free (cracked software) then cyberera  is like a heaven for you

here you can download any paid software you want like Adobe photoshop or Autodesk maya etc..

for free… you can also download Awesome Video games for you PC , PPSP and   Android from your

huge game collection .. you can also buy DVDs of huge games which is difficult to download from internet

like GTA 5(54.6 GB) offical pack.. from your Game Store with very responsive price

7. cyberera has a complete collection of operating system Iso’s From Linux gameing OS to Macintosh …

all version of Microsoft windows cracked available here to download or buy from your Store with very cheap rates

you can also download All versions of Android Iso for android pc from your website for free

8. We Have large collection of hacking software you can download lots of software which is used

in hacking for free or also buy a complete collection of powerfull hacking software from your store

like aircrack-ng (windows , mac , linux , android) etc. for free.


9.If you want to learn How ISP (internet service provider) works and make a loop on their system to use free internet

any where any time then continue visit your website for learning all this type of sruffs

10. if you want to make own virus of anti virus program then you should buy a complete course of virus making

from your store with books which covers every thing related to virus and its making

you can also learn here basic of software programming and super computer management to make own

anti virus … to protect your self from dangerous viruses.

Here you also learn how to make own super computer…. at home

 Please Share our website …with your classmates , friends and family members…..

and keep learning with cyberera …..